#letitsparkle with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS


Until 3 January 2012, Rodeo Drive is glittering in the reflected light of around 55,000 SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, 41,775 of them on an interactive sculpture that runs along the center median. Based on the DNA helix, it represents the ways in which we send and receive information — DNA, Morse code, ticker tape, text messaging and twitter. With its five intertwining, ribbon-like lengths of chrome studded with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, it is contemporary both in concept and in form.

Designed not only to dazzle passers-by, the interactive installation also has a practical use. It allows anyone anywhere to tweet their holiday messages: by using the Hashtag #letitsparkle, holiday messages tweeted from all over the world appear instantly on the sculptures’ electronic screens. Glistening with thousands of sparkling SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, each contains an electronic ticker reminiscent of ticker tape, one of the earliest digital electronic communications mediums dating back to the late 1800s.

The glamorous retailers of Rodeo Drive have joined in the fun, with the likes of Missoni, La Perla, Escada and Ferragamo all getting behind it with fabulous displays of products glittering with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.

Holiday season shopping has rarely been this much fun!

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2 Responses to #letitsparkle with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

  1. avatar Yvonne says:

    Nice to read your blog!

  2. avatar A. says:

    Video sfavillante…bella anche la struttura luminosa a forma di DNA :)

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