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The Brightest Stars Don’t Live Alone – Le stelle più brillanti non stanno da sole

A new study using ESO’s Very Large Telescope (VLT) has shown that most very bright high-mass stars, which drive the evolution of galaxies, do not live alone. Almost three quarters of these stars are found to have a close companion … Continue reading

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A Paramagnetic Bonding Mechanism for Diatomics in Strong Magnetic Fields – Stelle dal fortissimo campo magnetico danno luogo ad un legame chimico sconosciuto

Elementary chemistry distinguishes two kinds of strong bonds between atoms in molecules: the covalent bond, where bonding arises from valence electron pairs shared between neighboring atoms, and the ionic bond, where transfer of electrons from one atom to another leads … Continue reading

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Acqua sulla Terra: arriva dagli asteroidi o dalle stelle comete? – The Provenances of Asteroids, and Their Contributions to the Volatile Inventories of the Terrestrial Planets

Uno studio su Science confronta l’idrogeno presente nei meteoriti e in alcune comete, per chiedersi quali oggetti si siano formati più vicino alla Terra e quali abbiano portato l’acqua sul nostro Pianeta. Vincono gli asteroidi. Ma per Giovanni Valsecchi (INAF) … Continue reading

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Saturn’s Titan Harbors an Ocean of Water – Increases Odds for Life – C’è un oceano nascosto sotto la superficie di Titano

Saturn’s Titan has been considered a “unique world in the solar system” since 1908 when, the Spanish astronomer, José Comas y Solá, discovered that it had an atmosphere, something non-existent on other moons. It seems perfectly appropriate that one of … Continue reading

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