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Una Forma Dinamica del Vuoto Quantistico Guida L’Energia Oscura nel Nostro Universo – Quantum Vacuum ‘Powers’ the Dark Energy Driving Our Universe

Planck – Credit: ESA Un articolo pubblicato su Monthly Notices, analizzando l’equazione di stato dell’energia oscura, suggerisce che la sua vera natura sia una forma dinamica dell’energia del vuoto quantistico, variabile nel tempo. Compatibile con i risultati di BICEP-2? Media … Continue reading

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An elementary quantum network of single atoms in optical cavities – Nasce la Internet quantistica

Quantum networks are distributed quantum many-body systems with tailored topology and controlled information exchange. They are the backbone of distributed quantum computing architectures and quantum communication. Here we present a prototype of such a quantum network based on single atoms … Continue reading

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Milky Way hums to mysterious microwave tune – Nella Via Lattea misteriose microonde

Milky Way hums to mysterious microwave tune NASA’s Planck space observatory has discovered something a little strange about the Milky Way: it is humming in microwaves from an (as yet) unknown source. Our galaxy is also home to previously undiscovered … Continue reading

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