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Light from small, oozing alien Planet seen – C’è luce su un pianeta alieno

A NASA infrared telescope spotted light from the alien planet 55 Cancri e, which orbits a star 41 light-years from Earth. Light from an alien “super-Earth” twice the size of our own Earth has been detected by a NASA space … Continue reading

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Sea of Stars: Glowing Blue Waves Explained – Un mare di stelle: il fenomeno della bioluminescenza

Pinpricks of light on the shore seem to mirror stars above in an undated picture taken on Vaadhoo Island in the Maldives. The biological light, or bioluminescence, in the waves is the product of marine microbes called phytoplankton—and now scientists … Continue reading

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L’amore e’ una parola di luce – Love is a word of light

L’amore e’ una parola di luce “Ti amo. Sei un pensiero troppo importante per essere stretto in una mano, sei un canto ricorrente nei miei sogni. L’amore e’ una parola di luce, scritta da una mano di luce, su una … Continue reading

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Cocoon – The “light” inside…

Amazing and very beautiful movie. I love the “light” that some people have inside…¸.•´★.•*´¨)¸.•*¨)★

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