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A new low magnetic field magnetar: the 2011 outburst SWIFT J1822.3–1606 – Si comporta stranamente: è una Pulsar o una Stella Magnetica?

Swift J1822.3-1606 emette improvvisi lampi di radiazione e presenta repentine variazioni della sua luminosità. Si pensava che fossero fenomeni dovuti alla presenza di un intenso campo magnetico ma, dallo studio di un team internazionale con ricercatori INAF, non sembra invece … Continue reading

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Quantum entanglement with notification – Entanglement quantistico con notifica

An experimental set-up, consisting of a beam splitter and two photo detectors, registers the photons emitted by the rubidium atoms (red beam) and generates a signal whenever the two atoms are in an entangled stated (illustrated by violet beams). Graphic: … Continue reading

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Acqua sulla Terra: arriva dagli asteroidi o dalle stelle comete? – The Provenances of Asteroids, and Their Contributions to the Volatile Inventories of the Terrestrial Planets

Uno studio su Science confronta l’idrogeno presente nei meteoriti e in alcune comete, per chiedersi quali oggetti si siano formati più vicino alla Terra e quali abbiano portato l’acqua sul nostro Pianeta. Vincono gli asteroidi. Ma per Giovanni Valsecchi (INAF) … Continue reading

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The Moon and “friends” this morning – La Luna questa mattina in compagnia di “amici”

Woke up this morning just in time to see Moon, Jupiter and Aldebaran. This is my best pic of the Moon. Sveglia presto questa mattina, giusto in tempo per vedere brillare nel cielo, la Luna, Giove e la luminosissima Aldebaran. … Continue reading

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Sunspot 1520 Releases X1.4 Class Flare – La regione solare 1520 ha rilasciato un flare di Classe X1.4

Photo: Solar Flares From Giant Sunspot AR1520 An X1.4 class flare erupted from the center of the sun, peaking on July 12, 2012 at 12:52 PM EDT. It erupted from Active Region 1520 which rotated into view on July 6. … Continue reading

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Hubble Discovers a Fifth Moon Orbiting Pluto – Scoperta la quinta Luna di Plutone

A team of astronomers using NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope is reporting the discovery of another moon orbiting the icy dwarf planet Pluto. The moon is estimated to be irregular in shape and 6 to 15 miles across. It is in … Continue reading

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Space Telescope Opens Its X-Ray Eyes – Prima Immagine Ottenuta dal Nuovo Osservatorio Spaziale NuSTAR!

NuSTAR Mission Status Report – NASA’s Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array, or NuSTAR, has snapped its first test images of the sizzling high-energy X-ray universe. The observatory, launched June 13, is the first space telescope with the ability to focus high-energy … Continue reading

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Anatomy of Sun Storms & Solar Flares (Infographic) – Infografica: anatomia delle tempeste e brillamenti solari

Source All about our solar system, outer space and exploration

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AR1515: yesterday the sunspot’s erupted, producing a brief but potent X1.1-class – La regione solare AR1515 ieri ha prodotto una potente eruzione di classe X1.1

X-FLARE: For days, giant sunspot AR1515 has looked capable of producing a really strong explosion. On July 6th it finally did. Yesterday, the sunspot’s magnetic canopy erupted, producing a brief but potent X1.1-class solar flare. The explosion hurled a CME … Continue reading

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Cosmology group finds measurable evidence of dark matter filament – Rilevato enorme filamento di materia oscura

As time passes and more research is done, more evidence is compiled supporting the theory that suggests that dark matter is a real thing, even though no direct evidence for its existence has ever been found. Instead, the evidence comes … Continue reading

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Could ‘Mirror Neutrons’ Account for Unobservable Dark Matter? Oscillazioni verso un mondo parallelo.

Could mirror universes or parallel worlds account for dark matter — the ‘missing’ matter in the Universe? In what seems to be mixing of science and science fiction, a new paper by a team of theoretical physicists hypothesizes the existence … Continue reading

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